Half Chickens
Prepare Andy’s Drum Smoker” for direct smoking. Place wood chunks (Hickory, Apple or Oak ) over coals.
Rinse chicken and dry with paper towels. Marinate each thigh, leg, breast and wing with the following mixture.

Over night is best but at least 4 hours prior to cook

Smoke on low temp for two hours then turn up the heat to 300* for remaining 20 minutes or so.


1-cup apple juice

1/4- cup sugar

1- teaspoon liquid butter

1-teaspoon Andys seasoning

1-teaspoon liquid garlic

1/2 cup sliced ginger root

Lift skin of chicken at the breasts, gently rub with olive oil then Andy’s seasoning.


Continue to spray spritz every 20 minutes (as needed). Check cooking times for your grill.
For me a 4 lb bird requires about 2 hours to smoke. With approximately 30 minutes remaining liberally brush chicken with Andy’s Barbecue Sauce. Continue to add Andy’s Sauce to taste (we add sauce about every 10 minutes). When the internal temperature reaches 180 degrees remove the bird and let it rest for 10 minutes.