BBQ Secrets

Professional Barbecue Recipes! Competition style ribs, butts, and beef.

Have you ever been to a restaurant and ordered a plate full of succulent, mouth watering, fall off the bone, ribs? Would you believe me if I told you that “competition BBQ” is better than any barbecue you can get in any restaurant?

Now… you can learn the secret barbecue recipes of barbecue Pro’s. Soon you’ll be able to cook on a level that you never knew even existed. Read on…

Dear Friend:

I remember when I first sunk my teeth into a “competition quality”, slow smoked rib…I could not believe what I was tasting!

Tender, juicy, rib meat that just melted in my mouth and exploded with flavor.

I immediately wanted to find the nearest barbecue restaurant owner and kick him in the butt for feeding me tough, dry ribs all these years. Heck… I actually thought those restaurant ribs were pretty good until I tasted a competition rib. It’s a whole different ball game. These barbecue recipes and these BBQ competitors are professional and they work hard and take pride in their “art”. I’m sure you have seen those BBQ competitions on the Food Channel or Discovery Channel so you know what I’m talking about.

My brother-in-law, Lee Sweat, is the real BBQ guru on our team. He has a passion for great BBQ and has studied barbecue recipes for many, many years now. Our team just recently took 1st place in chicken, 2nd place in ribs, and 2nd place in pork in the Barnsville, GA BBQ & Blues Festival (a FBA sanctioned event). We also were the Reserve Grand Champion (2nd place overall). We won 4 trophies and $1300 in prize money…

The problem he had when he first started out was the lack of quality information and detailed barbecue recipes on how to slow smoke really great, competition quality meats. Sure… anybody can slap a rack of ribs on a grill and cook some “average” ribs, but trust me, that will get you a last place “booby prize” in every BBQ competition you enter. We are going to show you how to cook championship ribs in your back yard. We are going to give you…

All the juicy details!

In Lee’s new book, you’ll get the “impossible to find” important information like exact times and temperatures needed to barbecue like the pro’s. When we first decided to compete on the BBQ circuit in a few competitions, we started to look around for information and barbecue recipes on how to do it right because we knew we were not going to win any competitions with the trash we were cooking. Our first ribs were tough, our chicken was rubbery and tasted like a used tire, our butts were dry, and our brisket was not even edible. To be honest with you…

We needed some serious help!

So… we bought a BBQ book or two, looked on the internet for some barbecue recipes, went to the Big Pig Jig as spectators, and we even bought a DVD made by a “professional” cooking team. I can’t even explain to you how disappointed we were in these barbecue products! The books were 50% to 75% stuffed with useless recipes and they did not even tell you the important “secrets” of time and temperature. The DVD was a joke. It showed a guy preparing for a contest and showed him and another guy working a smoker, but they never gave any of the all important details on how to actually do it. We were disappointed going to the Big Pig Jig too. We had fun and it was a great event, but we found out that you can’t even taste the competitor’s BBQ. So, we decided to…Go to the school of hard knocks.

That’s right… we learned the hard, expensive, and long way. We dove right in and started testing different barbecue recipes every weekend. Testing different times, temperatures, rubs, sauces, glazes, marinades, brines, injections, woods, charcoals, fire techniques, water pans, and many other techniques to produce better slow smoked barbecue. We entered our first “backyard” barbecue competition and while we were there we gathered some tips from some very friendly, more experienced competitors. We spent hours and hours on the internet and BBQ forums searching for a tip here and a good barbecue recipe there. I’m telling you… we screwed up a lot of ribs and butts in the process. And slow smoking chicken and brisket right is even harder! The bottom line is…

We did all the hard work for you